Sunday, June 26, 2011

Copic Classes Continue

Hello Copic marker enthusiasts!   I'm very excited to announce my monthly Copic marker classes will continue.  I met with Hobby Lobby in Reynoldsburg and they are very interested in allowing me to use their space to teach my classes.  Hobby Lobby offers 144 Copic markers at $6.50 each AND you get to use coupons to purchase them. The markers are located in the art section by the custom framing counter.  Because they are a high theft item, they are kept in a back room so you need to ask someone to see the display. I will be working with the store manager on ordering paper.  I'm interested in knowing what is your favorite paper to use with Copic markers?  Xpress, Neenah, something else?  Also, depending on the demand, we might be able to talk them into getting a Copic refill station.  The manager was very receptive to new ideas. 

Cost of class will be $15 each month and extra class kits will remain at $4 per extra kit.  Class fee is paid directly to me the day of class, therefore, I would prefer cash only.  You can register for classes by emailing me directly or via the sign up sheet in the HL lobby (yes, I realize that is a bit redundant LOL). 

Because HL is closed on Sundays, we will need to select a new day/time for classes.  I know Friday nights are open and we might be able to snag a Saturday morning session.  What works best for you?

I hope you all are as excited as I am to find a place to have classes so close to home!  I'll be scheduling our first class very soon.....shooting for July.  Be looking for more details shortly.