Monday, January 2, 2012

The Start of a New Year/Memphis Monday

Happy New Year!  I'm thrilled to kick off 2012.  Our family has many exciting changes planned for this year and all will be revealed in due time, however, our first new exciting change will come on Saturday!  We have finally found a new addition to our family.  After being dog free for the past year and a half we have found a new baby.  I use the term "baby" loosely since Memphis is an 8 month old Great Dane. 

Here is Memphis when we first met him.  He was sooooo timid and shy.  He would peek his head around the corner and look at us then duck back in the room.

After some coaxing and a handful of homemade doggie treats, Memphis decided we were OK and he would let us love on him.   That is Max between Kemper and Griffin.  I think he was feeling a little left out since Memphis was getting all the attention now.

We took him outside to run on Joy and Jerry's fabulous nine acres.  What gorgeous property they have!  Memphis loved running and playing fetch with the boys and you can see the instant bond he had with them.  Just look how he leans into Robert and Kemper, so trusting!

We are adopting Memphis from Joy and Jerry Lobato in Kansas City.  They are friends of my parents and have raised danes for over 30 years.  Here is their website.  Their accomplishments are amazing.  What impressed me the most is that these dogs are not just a hobby for them but their family.  They have a great amount of love for each and every dog (10 total!) in their home.  Also, Jerry is an accomplished artist and sculptor.  He has been commissioned to create some wonderful pieces.  You can see his website and amazing artwork here

We are thrilled to welcome Memphis into our family and I'm sure you will be seeing a lot of him on my blog and in my scrapbooking. 

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