Monday, January 18, 2010

The Next Top Model??

My boys can now add 'paid models' to their resume.  Yep, I paid them.  I am not above bribery, not one bit.  There was a day when Kemper and Griffin would happily and willingly pose for photos as soon as I whipped out the camera.  Those days are loooooong gone.  Our last couple of photo sessions have ended with sour puss smiles and tears (sometimes from me, sometimes from them.  LOL!).  So I decided to speak their language which is GREEN.  My boys will do anything for cold hard cash.  Griffin is the master pooper scooper if you give him a quarter.  Kemper, who actually knows the value of a dollar now, is a little more reluctant and I have to up the ante.  Today's photo session cost me $3 each.  Not terribly bad considering I got what I wanted.  Here is just a sample.  Gotta love those wax lips!  They kind of resemble sock monkeys, don't they?

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Nicole F said...

LOVE the pics, Karrie...And yes, they do resemble sock monkeys! LOL