Monday, January 24, 2011

Californ I. A. Here I come!

I'm heading to CHA tomorrow morning.  I'll be taking lots of photos and videos of all the goodies.  Not sure what my Internet status will be while I'm there so I may have to update when I get home.  Can't decide whether to take the ipad or my big clunky laptop.  Oh, decisions decisions.

Want to see what the weather is going to be?????  OK....but don't hate me:
  • Jan 24   Abundant sunshine 78°  Lo 51°

  • Jan 25   A full day of sunshine 77°  Lo 50°

  • Jan 26  Sunny and warm 78°  Lo 51°

  • Jan 27  Sunny and breezy 82°  Lo 51°  (OMG!  Eighty freakin two!)

  • Jan 28   Sunny 79°  Lo 49°

    I  may just have to pack a pair of shorts and my flip flops!   Snicker, snicker!  I'm giggling like a little school girl!

1 comment:

Lisadwb said...

Oh, I would be more than happy to have their low temps!!
Please bring some warm weather back with you!!