Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Important Announcement About Copic Classes

It has been nearly three years since Sue introduced me to Copic markers and I started teaching classes at Pizazz It! Scrapbooks.  Since then, we've moved our little group to Hobby Lobby and continued classes there.  You ladies are such a joy to be around and I have thoroughly enjoyed researching and learning different techniques to bring you each month.  Lately, however, I'm finding the creative juices are drying up and my heart is just not into teaching any more.  The class is ready for a fresh face and fresh ideas.  I am THRILLED to announce that Charmaine Blue will begin taking over teaching Copic classes at Hobby Lobby in August.  She is amazingly talented and really has a passion for Copic markers.  I'm excited for the group to learn new techniques and fresh ideas.  I'm excited for Charmaine because I know teaching has been something she has been thinking about doing.  And I'm excited for me to continue to participate in the class with you wonderful ladies as a student!

The transition to a new instructor should be pretty smooth.  Charmaine plans to keep things the same for now, but I'm sure changes will be made down the road as she sees ways to improve upon the process.  If there are any changes you would like to see made, please don't hesitate to let Charmaine know.  She is also very interested knowing what techniques and stamp images you would like to see in future classes.  Charmaine's email address is

Please join me on congratulating Charmaine!

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